Showcase MKII

Our Webfont Showcase relaunches today with a slight change in layout and organization.

Most prominently, we’ve aimed to simplify the whole shebang, from an unnecessarily deep and multiply-stranded sub-wiki-like thing into one stream of content much more like a blog feed in character.

We’ve split the main content feed into two categories: “Webfonts in action”, where you can browse our hand-picked selection of interesting, curious and noteworthy examples of webfont enhanced sites, tagged for use in display, headline or text settings; and “Webfont Know-how” where you can findin depth features, guest articles, technical pieces, focuses on new webfont releases and the odd bit of news (like this one).

Like almost everything nowadays, it’s an perpetual work in progress, so we’ll be tweaking and fine tuning and growing up in public. Therefore, we would welcome your views — hit us up at