Recent webfont releases

The past week brings a number of interesting webfont releases, all of which are also new to MyFonts overall.

Sudtipos’ Burgues, a gorgeous connecting script with an extensive selection of alternates, ligatures, and swash characters, is finally available as a webfont; due to its large size, though, you’ll definitely want to do a bit of subsetting when you use it for your web projects. 

Luciano Vergara’s Fidel, now on sale at half-price, is a historical epic of a display face, merging Khruschev’s shoe-smashing with Uncle Fidel’s soft edges and fuzziness; it’d be a great choice for headlines, and the stencil variant looks great huge. 

Letterhead Fonts’ Thomas Kennedy has two new releases, both original designs based on historical early-American letterforms: Firehouse and Tonic are heavy, strong faces that would breathe a new/old (west) life to any project, print or web.

French type designer Ewen Prigent brings us the hand-drawn condensed display face Nivel, a big space saver and ideal for landing pages, big heads, and posters.

Dunwich Type Founders has had several releases in recent days. Sybarite, a revival of an 1829 type, is a fat face ideal for display use, includes an italic chock-full of ball terminals and unexpected swashes, and comes in multiple optical sizes; the Lorimer families, on the other hand, are a restrained selection of grotesques ideal for use both large and small.

Chank Diesel has been quiet for a long time — well, we’re sure he’s never really been quiet, but he hasn’t had many new type releases lately — but he breaks that sleep with a new release with Minneapolis-based designer Carla Zetina-Yglesias. Aguas Frescas, available in both solid and outline versions, is a fun, hand-drawn face packed with curlicues and whimsical swashes.