May Rising Stars (as Webfonts)

Each month we take our popular Rising Stars newsletter and convert the samples into webfont versions, noting the best ways to exploit the fonts’ features or find work arounds for the best results in common browsers. Here’s this month’s selection:


Inquisitive Creatures

Great Apes

Opposable Toes

Banana Salad

Prehensile Tail

Mikado by Hannes Von Döhren is a playfully irregular sans serif which finds a happy — not to mention useful — balance between quirky wobbliness and a conventional respect for the reader. The eccentricities in the character shapes get more pronounced with the thicker and thinner weights, meaning they’re really best used for display setting, while the regular weight still retains a casual feel. Mikado will be a great choice for online games, kids’ clubs, fun food and any context where the message should be youthful without becoming juvenile.

Anna Clara

she keeps

all her


Anna Clara is an informal calligraphic script whose desktop version has several enhanced OpenType features that won’t be reliably accessible to webfont users. That said, it works well “out of the box”, with simple connections and basic capital forms that are discreetly ornamental (rather than elaborately so!). Its creator is Laura Condouris — a recent arrival at MyFonts — who has come to type design from a career as a greeting card designer, and it‘s possible to see how Anna Clara could work well for creating a sense of personalisation and intimacy.

Wishes Script


To The Manor Born

Chateau du Marais

Digging in the kitchen garden

Our Estates Are To Be Entrusted To The People


For all their flamboyance, some formal script fonts based on Spencerian calligraphy can sometimes be rather too formal, disciplined and rigid to add the right joyful note to announcements and invitations. With its gentle stroke that recalls a brush stroke rather than a metal pen nib, Wishes Script is just different enough to remain a good choice for those special occasions while having a more relaxed and friendly air. It also succeeds as a webfont on several fronts, where some of its colleagues might not: disarmed of its OpenType special powers, it still connects well without any obvious clashes between the characters. It also includes a set of sharply chiseled capitals and some elegant ornaments, as well as offering each of these in three weights and two versions that are optically corrected for either display or text settings.


LonG EVeninG Sun

LonG EVeninG Sun

yes! why not?

Bonfire moon

Here’s the latest contribution to a healthily evolving subgenre; narrow, skinny, twirly display type. Only You is the best kind of romantic friend, not too soppy, of a practical mind with some intriguing hidden depths that even web typographers can appreciate. A family of two weights plus slanted styles, a version with filled in counters and a set of frames, ornaments and wordstyles are all offered here, but perhaps most interesting is its unicase structure — the lowercase letters are the same height as the capitals, meaning the letters from each case can be easily interchanged for a more random, charming look.