July Rising Stars (as Webfonts)

Each month we take our popular Rising Stars newsletter and convert the samples into webfont versions, noting the best ways to exploit the fonts’ features or find work arounds for the best results in common browsers. Here’s this month’s selection:



Timber Clad

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors


Brand is the suitably named new font from Lián Types. Intended primarily for packaging and branding projects, it will find a home on the web as a complement to those projects, allowing a product’s brand to extend into the online world without sacrificing consistency. Developers might find the standard versions of the font more appropriate, since they don’t include all the extra characters available in the full OpenType fonts.




Botanical Laboratory

Bedding in


Clavo is a multipurpose, 10 weight font family. Its distinctive take on the traditional oldstyle genre means it has plenty of standout character in headlines, while remaining appealing and flexible in longer text settings. It will be well suited to news and narrative oriented sites where visitors might be expected to do a fair amount of reading.

Niveau Grotesk & Serif

2014 Collection

Bespoke pattern


Quilting Artists’ Group


Seasonal regard

Niveau is a pair of font families that draw on classic nineteenth century types styles for inspiration. Both the Grotesk and Serif families share an underlying architecture will make for imposing headlines, yet not lose anything in text sizes either. Web typographers will appreciate the separate fonts for small caps.

Core Circus

Core Circus





We’ve featured several of these layering chromatic fonts over the last few months (see Trend in particular), and we even have a feature compiling some of the more interesting ones. For our sample above however, we elected to show the four fonts included in the Core Circus family that come “pre-built”. If loading times are a concern, or the text must be dynamically created, then these versions are a decently dramatic compromise, still allowing the deep extrusion effects while not involving complicated use of CSS z-index and positioning properties.