July Rising Stars (as webfonts)

MyFont’s Hot New Fonts list showcases the most popular fonts of the moment, and monthly highlights are featured in Rising Stars.

While most, if not all, of the Rising Stars fonts are available as webfonts, some are of more interest to web designers than others, while a few can require a bit of tweaking or hackery to bring out their best side.

Till The Horizon
Heaven n Earth

Julieta Essentials is a simpler, pared down version of LatinoType’s newest OpenType swash-fest, Julieta Pro. Essentials is the web friendly version; there are no swash characters to mess up layouts for Firefox users and no fancy, ornamental ligatures. While it’s a shame to deny ourselves these indulgences, the fun can be undermined by the very limited browser support for these features.

Instead, as a unicase font, Julieta Essentials offers a straightforward way to bring some ornamental variation to your headlines. Unicase means that the upper- and lowercase characters are the same height, so with a bit bit of judicious case mixing, the effect of alternate glyphs can be created.

Julieta also features an ornaments font containing whole words marks, such as “the,” “and” and “with.” Used sparingly, and with caution (because it won't work very well with screen readers or be especially SEO friendly), these whole word glyphs can be inserted using a <span> tag around a single character from the font.

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I’m Just Looking

Salsa vs Foxtrot

New Cuisine, by hand-lettering specialist Stephen Rapp, is a charming vernacular connecting script great for adding a personal, hand-crafted touch to headers or call outs. In the full OpenType version, the character connections are often made using ligatures or smart contextual alternates — technology that isn't widely available for web typographers. The basic character layout is nevertheless well-constructed without that OpenType magic, and will work well in most situations.

Crab Marinade
Hotel Typhoon Harbor
Always Arriving

Pluto Sans is an inconspicuous sibling to last year’s more distinctive Pluto. Lacking some of Pluto’s quirkier features makes this face an interesting choice for longer text settings. Straighter strokes, geometric forms and a large x-height mean it’s a perfect typeface for body texts in small sizes and on-screen.

Jambon Blanc

Yellow Design Studio’s Thirsty Script is a homage to vintage signage scripts, drawing on influences as wide as Wisdom Script, Deftone Stylus, Lobster and even Proxima Nova. Like New Cuisine, this font's niche is the <h1> tag. Keep longer settings to occasional use on homepages or poster-like use.