April Rising Stars (as Webfonts)

Each month we take our popular Rising Stars newsletter and convert the samples into webfont versions, noting the best ways to exploit the fonts’ features or find work arounds for the best results in common browsers. Here’s this month’s selection:






Optical Character Recognition

Digitally Signed

Search & Retrieve

3,795 extant records

Boxed is a robustly built, squarely proportioned sans serif with a mechanical character and shades of DIN precision. The design is enlivened and humanized by subtle details such as a generous curve radius and gently angled cuts where the bowls meet the stems. While the italic is actually more of an optically slanted oblique, some characteristics of a true italic remain, like a single storey ‘a’ and a descender on the ‘f’. The designer, Tipo Pèpel, has constructed the letter shapes along modular lines based on the pixel grid, specifically to improve readability on small device screens.

Directa Serif


Green Dragon Mountain


Slow flavor diffusion

Steep For 13 Minutes

Due to a slightly narrower width and less stroke contrast than normal, Directa Serif is also a good choice for small settings. Intended primarily for print and editorial applications, the font includes several OpenType features that enhance its usefulness in those contexts, but the font will work perfectly well as a webfont in browsers that don’t support OpenType, and will lend a bookish quality to text layouts.



Global positioning system

Path Tracking



Quadon is Rene Bieder’s answer to the proliferation of sans serif fonts in contemporary graphic design. A slab serif with wide open counters and a comfortable x-height, Quadon will work very well as both a header and in longer settings in the current trend for spacious widescreen layouts, while in more constricted interfaces such as smartphone screens, these qualities ensure that it’s a very legible typeface.

Letrista Script


Black Ink Applied

With Love

Letrista Script is another desktop font whose use of extensive OpenType features doesn’t necessarily exclude webfont users. This is an exuberant and energetic script font which draws on various signpainting and lettering sources from America and further afield, and while some of that energy derives from those OpenType-enabled swashes, ligatures and alternate characters, stripped down to its bare bones this is still a very useable script font with good connections between the characters — the key to assessing the potential of any script font for web use.