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Luxurious from Rob Leuschke's TypeSETit foundry is an elegant, formal script aimed squarely at the bridal demographic, which of course doesn't preclude it from finding a life in other settings where a dose of high class calligraphic style is called for.

The pro version of Luxurious is a formidable suit of OpenType tools and features, numbering many alternates and swashes. Access to those extra features via OpenType is difficult for web typographers because of the inconsistent ways that browsers handle OpenType features. Leuschke however has provided for that scenario with a dedicated font of swashes and alternates.

To apply a swash character such as the capital L in the title of our sample, above, or the looping tail on the g in Armagnac, create a new CSS class and assign the luxurious-alternates font family to it. Then you can use tags to apply the alternates to individual characters. This isn't a particularly dynamic method, but it will suit mastheads, name plates and most other kinds of formal text found on wedding websites and so on. It will also remain readable to screen readers and search engines, where similar graphics set in images or as SVG outlines won’t be as friendly.


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