Fazeta Bactrian Kingdom
On the fringes of the Hellenistic Empire founded by the great adventurer, lies an unexpected meeting zone of ancient Western and Eastern cult philosophies and ideologies.
Figure 5.3 above left. This statue of a Buddha shows remarkable classical Greek influences in the sculptural detailing of the hair and in the fall of the folds of the robes. Courtesy Mama.
Archeological Record

Webfont Usage Notes

Fazeta is an interesting case for webfont usage. It’s an optically optimized family of typefaces, meaning that its weights have been organized into groups appropriate for different settings: captions, body text and headings. Be sure to pick the right variant for your intended usage.

Its dramatically angular character is most obvious in the display variant, and is toned down for the text and caption sizes.

The typeface also includes plenty of OpenType features, including the ornaments, small caps and discretionary ligatures - but use of these should be considered only as a progressive enhancement. The ornaments especially don't add any value being rendered as text; instead create outlines in your illustration software and export them as SVG graphics for maximum resolution independence.


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