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Blog Script has certainly been marketed to appeal to an online user base – it’s explicitly there in the family name. Sudtipos have clearly identified that there’s a demand from makers of small, personal web pages for type that feels, well, personal.

The designers’ intentions are a little more opaque however; judging by the blurb on their MyFonts page, there’s a more philosophical angle at work under the surface, a discussion about the disconnect between the things people make, how they like to package themselves and the digital environment that encompasses the two. The trouble is, Sudtipos fonts have always been very sophisticated tools for digital typesetting, including thousands of glyphs and the smart OpenType programming to make them work well together. Using their fonts on the web has mostly been a case of making do with basic character sets and hoping that letter connections still work well enough ‘out of the box’.

Blog Script falls into this category, more or less, but doesn’t exactly live up to the promise in its name to be a good tool for casual web publishers. When they work, standard ligatures tidy up some of the randomness and clashes between letters, but support for ligatures and other OpenType controls is too inconsistent. It will be good enough for most casual users, but anyone looking for some degree of control over their type layout will have to make a static SVG graphic using their desktop software.


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