QRRRRRRS Cowbell Blend Blend í ð Solid Rhythm Section Waltz for Poppy Rockabilly Bass

Webfont Usage Notes

Blend is a suite of casual hand-drawn typefaces from Argentinian type designer and calligrapher Sabrina Lopez. It has a heavier, more even stroke than many in the genre of hand drawn type, particularly among the prevailing narrow skinny letters that remain popular, and will appeal to web designers looking for an approachable yet substantial hand drawn look.

Its basic Roman weight will work well for mid length texts, call outs and banners, and will be a defining aesthetic presence on homepages for homely consumer brands, natural food products, personal blogs and informal social sites. Combining one of Blend’s incised display weights with its Script version will make for an engagingly different wedding site, informal yet retaining the feel of something special.


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