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ExljbrisFertigo is used here for call outs and top level headings (as well as in the branding itself), and is paired with Fontfabric’s Intro is for text and the third and fourth level headings. Both these fonts are strong characters in their own right: Fertigo is a curvy, informal sans, by its designer’s own admission something of an acquired taste; Intro is less whimsical, but its rounded detailing is very much to the fore.

So, although going against the usual advice for matching up fonts, it’s pleasantly surprising to see these two work well enough together. It helps that this is a predominantly visual concept with minimal text, lots of photography and some unobtrusive page transitions; a layout that expected its visitors to do more immersive reading or hunt around for important information would suffer from the competition between these two typefaces, but in such a brand-oriented environment the designers can make this kind of bold typographic choice.

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