Fonts available for @font-face embedding

This page was originally published in May 2008 as a rather short list of fonts that permitted embedding using the @font-face method, or that had an open font license.

We've moved on since then, and a list of fonts that allow @font-face embedding is entirely impractical, so we thought we would share an overview of the web font licensing industry, including other services from the Monotype family and, for the sake of completeness, as many of our competitors as we could bring ourselves to mention. We hope this provides a useful picture of how quickly things have moved on.

Commercial Providers

Service License model(s) Service type Total fonts (Summer 2014) Free fonts? Embedding method
MyFonts Webfonts [↗] One-off per font license & renewable pageview "buckets" Self-hosted +17k (Families) +800 CSS & Javascript Webfonts [↗] Subscription plans Hosted +20k (Font products) +3k CSS & Javascript
Fontdeck [↗] Annual per font licenses Hosted 1257 (Families) All fonts available free for dev period CSS
YouWorkForThem [↗] One-off per font license Self-Hosted 25,567 (Weights/Styles) Occasional offers available CSS
Typekit [↗] Subscription plans Hosted 4200 (Portfolio) 2500 (Personal) 800 in trial plan CSS & Javascript
Fontspring [↗] One-time purchase Self-Hosted 4013 (Families) 199 (Families) CSS
Webtype [↗] Annual per font licenses Hosted ca 400 All fonts can be trialled for free CSS
WebINK [↗] Subscription plans Hosted 1103 (Families) Free for site dev CSS

Free Services

Service License model(s) Service type Free fonts (Summer 2014) Embedding method
Google Fonts [↗] Open Source Hosted & self-hosted 635 CSS
Fontsquirrel [↗] Free for commercial use Self-hosted 783 (families) CSS