EOTFAST ttf converter

With EOTFAST, font designers, web designers, and developers can create natively compressed EOT font files for use with any web domain. There are no “root string” restrictions, as with Microsoft WEFT. Convert once, use anywhere.


Drag'n'Drop Operation

In Windows Explorer, drag and drop the TTF file right onto the EOTFAST-1.EXE file. The EOT file will be created in the same folder as the original TTF you dragged and dropped.
Note: EOTFAST 2.0 will enable you to select multiple files for batch processing.

Command Line Operation

EOTFAST can also be used at the command line. For example, if both EOTFAST-1.EXE and the font file are located in the folder c:\truetype, open a command prompt window within that folder and specify the EOTFAST executable and then a space and then the TTF file.

C:\truetype>EOTFAST-1.EXE somefont.ttf

Hit enter and the EOT will be created. Of course, if the font file is located in a different folder, the full path and file name will have to be specified.