Mozilla Firefox

The first challenger to Internet Explorer's dominace of the late '90s and early 2000s, Mozilla's Firefox is a very typography friendly browser with good OpenType support.

Google Chrome

Depending on your choice of statistical measure, Google’s Chrome browser is now either the most widely used browser in the world already, or is just about to be.

Typotheque's OpenType browser tests

Useful reading: This article on the Typotheque website tests every OpenType feature in each browser.


Typecast is a tool for creating hassle-free, pixel-perfect web typography right in the browser. Users can audition web fonts from a selection of providers and use them to preview, compose and output page layouts coded in super-clean, ultra-modern HTML and CSS. 

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Font Hinting and the Future of Responsive Typography

Useful information on the future of hinting from MyFonts alum Nick Sherman: “Font hinting has been the source of countless headaches for type designers and users. Meanwhile, some of the most fundamental and important elements of typography still can’t be addressed with the web of today. Rather than being seen as a tedious chore whose demise will be celebrated, hinting might actually provide the essentials for truly responsive design, and vastly expand the possibilities of digital typography for designers, publishers, and readers.”

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JavaScript framework for creating magazine-style multi-page responsive web layouts.
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Fine-tuned positioning and styling of individual characters, especially for headline typography. JavaScript jQuery plugin.

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On Choosing Type

Typography is not a science. Typography is an art. There are those who’d like to “scientificize”; those who believe that a large enough sample of data will somehow elicit good typography. However, this sausage-machine mentality will only ever produce sausages. That typography and choosing type is not a science trammeled by axioms and rules is a cause to rejoice. More…

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The blog (+69,000 RSS subscribers and counting) of Vietnam-based Brit John Boardley features reviews of new typefaces and in depth articles, guides and information. We’ve picked out a couple of specifically useful articles and listed them later on in this page.

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A community of type designers, users, experts and enthusiasts (plus the odd loon). Their type ID board will identify anything our own Whatthefont tool and forums can’t handle. Active discussion threads cover anything, everything and nothing to do with type. Recommended.

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