Licensing arrangements

How MyFonts webfont licensing works.

When you add any of the 30,000+ webfonts at MyFonts to your shopping cart, you can adjust your license to fit your specific needs. A webfont license costs the same as the equivalent desktop font — or buy them together and get 50% off the webfont license!

Buying Pageviews

MyFonts webfonts are priced by the number of pageviews on which the webfonts will be seen.

Entry level webfonts are plenty for most small sites, like personal blogs or small storefronts, and usually cost the same as the equivalent desktop font.

There are two ways pageviews are sold at MyFonts. It is up to the listing foundry to choose how a font will be licensed.

Pay Once is based on expected monthly pageviews. It is a one-time purchase with no time limit; just make sure your monthly visits don’t exceed your license’s number of pageviews.

Pay As You Go is based on total pageviews. Picture it as a bucket of pageviews that you can use over time. We’ll let you know when you’re running low. When you do run out, just come back for more.



Webfonts are supported by Firefox 3.5+, IE 5+, Opera 10+, Chrome 4+, Safari 3.1+, iOS Mobile Safari, Android 2.2+ and BlackBerry OS 6.

Kits include EOT, web-only TTF, SVG and WOFF formatted fonts.

1. Agencies responsible for multiple clients’ web sites, for example web design agencies or hosting providers, may not share a single Webfont license across multiple clients’ web sites.