Much like the type of architectural project that achieves enormous scale using cobweb-like materials, the typography in this spacious and airy layout packs a decent punch in spite of the thin strokes of the letters.


Screen grab of Harlo Interactive's site



Typographers and type designers will often talk about the space in and around the letters and words as being as important as the letter- and wordforms themselves. Maybe even more so. The headlines in Harlo’s layout demonstrates the point well.

Geogrotesque from the Latin American foundry Emtype, is a softly squared grotesque, deriving its techie character from that geometric square-ness rather than from anything overtly digital. The capitals in the Thin weight in particular have a wonderful amount of internal space, and it’s this the designers have harnessed so well in their layout.

Elsewhere, Geogrotesque is used in mixed case for medium length settings, navigation and smaller headers. Harlo have steered clear of using it for body text settings however, instead picking Arial for those occasions requiring something set at under 16px, where it feels crude sitting under headlines set in a similarly sized Geogrotesque. For this to work better, the third and fourth level headings should have made more of a contrast with the body text, perhaps by using a heavier weight or maybe even an italic. But this is really the only off-key element in an otherwise very elegant and coherent bit of web typography.

Fonts used: