Further Reading

This page brings together interesting, useful and curious writing about webfonts and type online.

If you feel we've missed something that deserves inclusion, let us know at webfontshowcase@myfonts.com.

General reading

Typophile.com A community of type designers, users, experts and enthusiasts (plus the odd loon). Their type ID board will identify anything our own Whatthefont tool and forums can’t handle. A active discussion threads cover anything, everything and nothing to do with type. Recommended.

ilovetypography.com The blog (+69,000 RSS subscribers and counting) of Japan-based Brit John Boardley features reviews of new typefaces and in depth articles, guides and information. We’ve picked out a couple of specifically useful articles and listed them later on in this page.

typedia.com The typographic encyclopaedia that’s “a cross between IMDB and wikipedia.” Lots of well known and respected contributors, however, which is where it departs from the wikipedia model.

typographica.org Reviews and commentary from Stephen Coles and Joshua Lurie-Terrell (who also edits the MyFonts blog) plus guests and special contributions.

Guides and tutorials

How to use @font-face from Nice Web Type.

ilovetypography’s guide to web typography

Also from ilovetypography: On Choosing Type

History of web typography

Web fonts at the crossing by Richard Fink, via A List Apart.

Webfonts — Where are we?. This piece on ilovetypography was written back in 2009, but it casts a useful view over the issues that brought us to the verge of web typography.


We Love Typography Ilovetypography’s community orientated sister site.


Typography for Lawyers. Not as boring as it sounds, this thorough and well articulated guide does for typography what legalese very rarely does for anyone else — present a clear, coherent and easily absorbed and understood case for the occasional user. Its lessons go well beyond legal briefs and courtroom contexts and are relevant for anyone working with text in almost any situation.