This site for a fire safety firm uses a broad typographic palette applied using a varity of sources to evoke a rather dusty bureaucratic aesthetic.


Screen grab of the Droptest website



Sideshow's Coffee Service and the open source font League Gothic (based on Linotype’s Alternate Gothic) are the two @font-face fonts used in a multipicity of typographic choices that also includes several system font declarations — from the anonymous “monospace” to an optional Baskerville (with Georgia in the first fallback position), Georgia as first choice and a one-off font stack that requests Futura, Helvetica or Arial. As well as the live typography, there are several image rendered parts, which bring the total number of typefaces in evidence up to about ten.

It somehow manages to hang together as an aesthetic system, but there’s a bureaucratic feel to the whole thing (especially the Monospace), as if it were a form with multiple competing entry priorities, which intentional or not, is probably appropriate for a fire door safety testing firm.

Fonts used:

Coffee Service is available from MyFonts