Self Hosting

There is a lot of content and a lot of services trying to sell you on the idea of a subscription webfonts service.

Why? Is hosting easier for you as the developer or web designer? Is it better for your customers and your clients? What compells companies to write articles enumerating the ways you might be in license violation or contributing to piracy if you DON'T use a subscription service?

Lets tackle these possible reasons why self hosting is worse than subscription hosting. Firstly, is it easier for you as a designer? You still need to go through your collection of fonts, painstaking mock up your site design, and determine if the font which you so crave is available as a webfont. In this regard selection is your biggest ally. The more you have to choose from the better your odds are of getting the perfect fit. As a developer. You still must code your CSS and include your font files, either as a single JS library and CSS hosted elsewhere, or you link to the font files on your own server. Odds are you already have CSS and JS hosted from your own server. As a user or customer of a si In the end a service is only worth paying for if it affords you something which you either can't provide on your own with relative ease.