New series: Text Fonts for the Web

In this series of articles we are going to tackle the challenges of setting extended text for the web, from choosing and using the right webfonts to primers on hinting, page composition and testing.

Setting text on the web is a multi-stranded topic, so we're going tackle it across several articles. We'll kick off by talking about the qualities a font must have to make it suitable for extended on-screen reading. We'll discuss how to balance typographic excellence with commercial priorities. Limited technicial support for advanced typography is really nothing new, so we look at what the history of font technology can teach today's web typographers.

Alongside all this, we'll be initiating a parallel series highlighting screen-optimized webfonts, and compiling a glossary of typographic CSS properties.

Our Webfonts in Action section already has several pages of good and interesting examples of web fonts used to set text. Under the Webfonts in action tab, click text to filter all the sites that use a webfont to set body copy.

Finally, we're not the only people interested in a typographically beautiful web. We're updating our further reading page with a new section compiling some of the latest thinking and best advice the great world wide web has to offer. If you have anything to share with us, we'd love to read it!