About Webfonts.info

These are MyFonts’ dedicated pages for everything webfont oriented.

Newcomers to the world of fonts and typographic veterans alike, we’ll have something here for you.

Our aim is for Webfonts.info to be a useful, non-partisan resource that highlights exceptional web typography, the best techniques and technologies and the most current information.

Some history

Webfonts.info was started back in 2008 to “push the webfont revolution”, in the words of the site’s initiator and prime force Ralf Hermann.

The revolution quickly gained ground and, in 2011, Hermann decided that the site’s initial goal had been achieved and there was nothing more he could contribute to it, so he put the domain name and site content up for sale and moved on to other projects.

Monotype Imaging spotted the value in such a well put together resource and acquired it for the group, but with the e-commerce team’s focus on the Fonts.com redesign taking priority, webfonts.info moved onto the back burner.

A new dimension

In the spring of 2012, Monotype Imaging acquired the font technology business Bitstream, along with its hugely successful online retail arm, MyFonts. Since early 2011, MyFonts’ own web typography resource site, webfonts.myfonts.com, has been busy building up editorial content but making less impact than hoped on the social networks and in search results.

The solution? The editorial content of both sites would be combined, with MyFonts’ more contemporary design and layout being layered over Webfonts.info’s established presence.

We’re making sure the most useful stuff is regularly managed and kept up-to-date, particularly the information on browser technology, rendering and screen resolutions and the latest ideas in web design.